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Silk Sarees - Redefined with Aayna Store.

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Since time immemorial, silk has been prized by the elite. Indian nobles and aristocrats wore the material to mark their prestige in society after merchants imported it from China.

Thousands of women in India wear and admire beautiful silk sarees made by handloom weavers in the modern age due to their undying love for silk.

Every woman has a special place in her heart for silk sarees. They are exceptional pieces of clothing.

You have a wide range of options on Aayna. You can buy Banarasi silk sarees online. Your charming appearance will be enhanced by the amazing Aayna sarees. Each silk saree is unique. On Aayna, one can find silk sarees for every occasion, and each one is unique in its own way.

The Best Option For Weddings

These sarees are perfect for weddings because of their elegance and grace. Sarees made of silk are known for their lustrous fabric and sheen. Those celebrating this occasion would like to look their best. Silk sarees for weddings have an unmatched grandeur.

Blended Silk over Pure Silk!

Today, blended silk sarees are reigning at the top. Various features make it a better option than pure silk sarees.

This versatile silk is one of a kind. The exquisite properties of blended silk make it extremely appealing and stunning.

Blended silk, in contrast to silk, is free of many disadvantages. It’s durable and has greater antimicrobial properties, unlike pure silk. It’s air-permeable and has a shine that will leave you looking stunning.

Pure silk is generally mixed with fabrics like rayon, polyester, and cotton to create blended silk. It’s made from special fibers that are soft and smooth giving it a rich appeal.

Today, blended silk is used to make a variety of attires like blended silk sarees, salwar suits, and even lehengas.

Find out more about our collection of sarees by clicking on the SAREE button!

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