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An Unfolding of a Legacy - Banarasi Silk Sarees

Aayna Store's Saree is the traditional wear of Indian women. Silk sarees have occupied an important place in the fashion market and today women of different nations, irrespective of their dressing senses have shown their preference in this elegant piece of attire. India has given birth to the world finest collection of silk sarees, which are available in wide assimilation of prints and colors, suitable for weddings and any special occasions.

It is a dream of every girl since her childhood to be a bride. Little girls while playing even pretend like one by trying on their mother’s dupatta. These little gestures imply that a wedding is special, and certainly one of the most important events in any woman’s life, especially in India, where weddings are famous for elaborate celebrations and plenty of rituals. For brides, Wedding sarees are designed beautifully, and in a way that reflects the personality of the bride.

Bridal Kanjivaram Silks

The city of Kanchipuram makes special pattu sarees in red and orange that are known for being auspicious. The red colour is associated with love, passion and eternal bonding. A bride carries the traditions of the land with her, as she steps into a newer role. We ask you to buy your favorite red coloured bridal Kanjivaram from our wedding collection and make your muhurth more special.

Weddings in our country are known for their elaborate pre as well as post-wedding celebrations. Each occasion is an opportunity to flaunt your traditional ethnic senses in gorgeous silk sarees. For morning rituals you can choose Banarasi pure silk handloom saree or pure chiffon saree with a contemporary visual which are gorgeous yet easy-to-carry. For evening events full of music and all-round illumination try a banarasi silk wedding saree in bright, bold colors to be the exquisitely beautiful bride you were always meant to be.

In addition to Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram, there are Patola, Baluchari, Muga, jamdani, Benarasi, Samu, Butter silk, Ikkat, Paper silk, Mysore, Khaddi silk, etc.So, let us unfold more and learn how this piece of royal beauty makes its journey from the Ghats to your Wardrobe.

So, next time we will unfold some of the more legacy of Benarasi Saees on Aayna Store. Just click on the link explore Aayna's Exclusive Collection of Sarees or WhatsApp or Call for queries to +91 91 738 738 64 / +91 97148 08334

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